Top 10 Jewellery Care Tips

    Top 10 Jewellery care ideas

    Top 10 Jewellery Care Tips

    The love for jewellery doesn’t stop after just buying them, but extends in many folds by taking care of them. Jewelleries are very delicate and it is extremely important on how well we take care of it for its long lasting life. Here we have compiled top jewellery care ideas/tips that will make your jewellery look sparkling and dashing every time your wear it.

    1)     Dust if off:

    This is a common tip known to everyone still we refuse to do it. Jewelleries are prone to accumulate dust and dirt every time you wear it. So clean it frequently. When you clean, use polishing cloth that are specifically made to clean precious metals like gold,silver..etc. By using apt cloth, you will avoid making any scratches to your beloved accessories.

    2)     Seek the professionals:

    Using warm water with mild detergent will help to clean the common dirt in the jewelleries. Sometimes jewelleries made out of precious metals tend to lose its colour and charm which can’t be restored by mild wash. In such cases instead of cleansing them with soaps/detergents at home, it is best to take them to the shop and get it cleaned. The effect you will see after getting it cleaned with the help of professionals is long lasting compared to the results we achieve at home.

    3)     Use Zip Lock Bags:

    Store your precious jewels in Zip lock bags. It is one of the best ways to prevent your jewelleries from dust and dirt. Also, these bags will keep the jewelleries from scratches. Zip lock bags are inexpensive and will help a lot in storing your jewellery during travel too.

    4)     Use Soft Clothes:

    While storing jewelleries made of precious stones, wrap it in a soft muslin cloth to prevent any damage to the stones.

    5)     Use Jewellery Organizers:

    Another way to preserve your jewellery is to store them in appropriate boxes designed specifically for them. There are wide range of boxes available in different shapes and sizes to store bangles, earrings, rings..etc. Invest in a good storage box and keep your jewelleries safe.

    6)     Avoid Perfumes and Deodorants:

    The metals used for jewelleries tend to change its colour when it comes in contact with any chemicals. Hence always avoid using perfumes/body sprays after wearing your favourite jewellery. If you like to use those scented items, use them first, and then after giving some time, wear your jewelleries. By this way you can prevent unwanted chemicals from spoiling your lovable accessories.

    7)     Avoid Heavy Work:

    When you wear precious jewellery, especially made out of diamonds and gold, avoid doing heavy work that might cause damage to the jewellery or the stones studded to it. It is always better to remove your jewellery before you begin your work and wear them once it is done.

    8)     Avoid Bath/Soap:

    Never bath by wearing your jewellers. Water and soap tend to cause lots of damage and reduce the life of jewelleries.

    9)     Write it down:

    It is easy to lose your jewellery especially if you have great deal of collections. And if you love to collect gold/diamond jewelleries, it is better to write your collections on a notebook and keep track of it. If possible, take a picture of your jewelleries and store it. This way, you will know what you own.

    10)Periodic Check:

    Periodically inspect your precious pieces for any damage. If you find any problem, give utmost care and fix it in the budding stage instead of waiting for your memorable jewels to break or tear.

    Hope you have enjoyed our jewellery care tips. Now please share us your tips/ideas!!!


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