Thangamayil Jewellery Limited

Today we are happy to feature one of the renowned Jewellery brands of South India ‘Thangamayil Jewellery Limited’. They are the pioneers in selling gold, diamond, silver and platinum jewellery at affordable prices. They celebrate their Silver Jubilee this year with the happy smile of serving over 14, 00,000 satisfied customers.

About the Brand

  • ‘Thangamayil Jewellery’ is a chain of 31 retail jewellery showrooms across the state of Tamil Nadu, with their flagship store located at Madurai.
  • They are one among the few leading jewellers who brings comfort to their customer by their exclusive online shopping portal.
  • Breaking the myth that ‘Gold is rich man’s metal’, they encourage their customers from all background to invest in gold by useful saving schemes.

Types of Jewellery

They sell fine Jewellery (Gold, Silver, Diamond, and Platinum) with BIS hallmarking license, a certificate that defines the purity and quality of the precious metals used in the jewellery.

Besides their eye-catching precious jewellery collections, they also sell gold coins, silver articles, silver coins, and gift vouchers.

Value for Customers

Thangamayil stands out in the business, by offering their collections at affordable prices.  They ensure that the customers get their money’s worth.

The gold rate at any instant in their website is based on the current market gold price; therefore higher margin is not included as other players in the market.

Besides that, gold rate is less in Madurai [refer the table below], compared to other prominent cities (Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata).


Month Chennai Mumbai Delhi Kolkata Madurai
Jun-16          2,743          2,740          2,741          2,745          2,733
May-16          2,870          2,864          2,866          2,868          2,865
Apr-16          2,690          2,686          2,697          2,692          2,682
Mar-16          2,758          2,755          2,753          2,755          2,758
Feb-16          2,543          2,537          2,539          2,544          2,535
Jan-16          2,372          2,370          2,372          2,376          2,370

Also, their low making charges is another notable feature for customer who wants to buy across their online and offline channels. .

Online Shopping

Thangamayil is one among the reliable and trustworthy online gold jewellery seller who has strong online presence. So even if you are far away from their retail stores, you can buy their gold jewellery collections online.

They provide actual and authentic jewellery pictures for their online buyers to help them choosing the designs.

They accept all credit/debits cards for payments and provide free insured & secured shipping across any part of India.

Other Special Services

  • Thangamayil offers various well-balanced gold saving schemes to benefit the customers.  You can invest as small as Rs1000 each month to reap the benefits by investing in These schemes are open to their online customers too.
  • If you purchase jewellery via their gold saving schemes then there are no wastage and making charges.
  • Thangamayil sells gold and silver coins which would be great for customers who consider precious metal as a pure investment.
  • They also have a wide range of silver utensils, divine statues, arts and gift vouchers which will be apt for customers who are looking for gift options outside the traditional jewellery.
  • You can buy gold jewellery online and it would reach your doorstep through insured & secured shipping. Or directly collect your jewellery using the store pick-up option at any of their 31 retail stores. This is ideal for customers who stay abroad and want to shop for their family at home land.
  • Thangamayil provides life time exchange to their customers by which you can replace your old designs with trendy eye-catching jewels.

Range of Collections

Thangamayil is known for their unique craftsmanship and sophistication, which is visible in their timeless jewellery designs.

While their diamond and bridal collection are mesmerising, their antique jewelleries from ‘ParambariyaCollection’ are crafted with perfection keeping the rich South Indian traditions in mind. Their alluring necklace, bangle, haram/malai collections in this range, is a delight every woman should own and admire.

And finally, their youthful ‘Yuva collections’is a treat for vibrant, beautiful and style seeking young women.

Check out few of their exclusive collections below and enjoy online gold jewellery shopping @

Thangamayil Jewellery Designs Thangamayil Jewellery Designs Thangamayil Jewellery Designs


Address: Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd.,124, NethajiRoad, Madurai.
Toll-Free Number: 1800 123 0505

We hope you too love the collections from Thangamayil, as much we do.