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Why everyone is Gaga for Gold Bangles?

Homage To One Of The Great Cultures Of Jewellery:

A few words come to mind when we think about Bangles – Vintage, tradition, culture and beauty. Well, Bangles are all of these and much more. A simple form of jewellery made with gold going all the around your wrist comes from the rich heritage of India with great symbolism today has become one of the most loved form of gold jewellery and accessory.

It is marvellous how explorations of historic sites revealed the existence of this adornment through centuries, initially made from various materials like Shells, Clay, glass, wood and metals like bronze, copper, gold and silver with each passing century the evidence unravelled in variations of simple circular beauty as well as intricate designs motifs.

This helps us understand the desire of accessorising and understanding of beauty that humans has even in the early ages.

Since then, Bangles has evolved drastically but the best part is that the strong cultures stay alive even today. Gold jewellery especially Bangles are seen as a sigh of Social and economic standing, although this wasn’t always what gold portrayed.

In ancient India the metal Gold was held in very high regards (as is today too) and was believed to have healing properties which is why many women would wear these circular pieces around their wrists to help them feel better mentally as well as physically.

There are no doubts how Gold bangles are so popular today, this adornment can catch anyone’s eye in a jiffy and make them fall in love.

While the history of Gold bangles is very rich, fast-forward to out current market Gold bangles have made a name for themselves, the importance and love it receives has not depreciated in fact it has grown tenfold and today these are integral part of the gold jewellery market, made and bought in large numbers.

From single line bangles for the modern women to intricate jail bangles for weddings Gold bangles are a must for very woman.

With technology, innovations and ever-changing fashion trends Gold bangles are available today in many different styles among your trusted jewellers like, dedicated collections in traditional wear gold  bangles and western gold wear bangles brings a breath of fresh air into your jewellery box

Single Line Gold Bangle:

Modern women today see Gold bangles not only as irresistible adornments but also start investments which is why more and more women each year gift themselves gold bangle jewellery to flaunt everywhere from weddings and functions to the office room and parties.

A popular style are single slim bangles or single line bangles, their popularity lies in the simplicity and design. Appropriate for formal, semi-formal and casual wear these babies can be your go to jewellery for any setting.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

Broad Gold Bangles:

One of the traditional designs that has today been redefined into many westernized patters, a big part of ceremonies like weddings a glimpse of Broad gold bangles can be found enhancing the look of every bride’s wrist as well as married India women all around.

A sight that can be seen in most parts of India and abroad Broad bangles are a very popular accessories, known as Kada’s for men these are contemporary and hold sentimental value for the Bride and groom.

Now a day Broad Gold bangles can be found with intricate and novel patterns and motifs on them which require either skilled artisans or Machines.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

3D Gold Bangles:

With the rise in technology the jewellery market has adapted too, keeping up with demands and delivering perfect pieces of jewellery takes a lot of work, trusted jewellers like use 3D technology to bring 3 Dimensional designs in Gold bangles with beautiful natural motifs and detailing like never before.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

CNC Gold Bangle:

Another technological advancement that has brought a wave of change and brought you closer to perfection in the most delicate designs and patterns are CNC bangles, many jewellers use the CNC machines today to bring to life all your imaginations and wishes.

Since these are machine made bangles while the starting making charges may be around 350/- gram the actual figure will depend upon the complexity of the bangle design.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

Daily Wear Gold Bangles:

Gold bangles are a big part of any fashionable person’s wardrobe, these are statement jewellery and minimalistic accessories that can help bring together an entire ensemble.

It is understandable why women and young girls everywhere love bangles, the look, designs, pattern and sweet sound of them clinging together make them the most desired jewellery worldwide today.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

Devine Gold Bangles:

These bangles are one of the most loved among Indian jewellery buyers, Which high light the value of Indian traditions and spiritual important among Hindu religion. Most design contain divine motif in to the jewels. particularly most famous in south India.

3d gold bangle csbng178
Seller Name : Papilior

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Factual Data:

Gold Bangles are custom made as well as can be bought from a vast variety of pre-designed selections, available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold, bangles are made in 14kt, 18kt and 22kt Gold you can find all shapes, sizes and styles in them.

Some intricate work like Jaali designs are so delicate that they can only be made in 14kt or 18kt gold. The making charges range from 350/- gram to 1000/- gram.

Tip – When buying jewellery trust only a known jeweller or a renowned name, be sure to confirm the making charges and ask for break-up most jewellers will be happy to help you with every little detail.

Buying gold jewellery means it should come along with a BIS hallmark seal as well as complete gold brake up like other metal used in 14kt,18kt and 22kt gold jewellery. it is recommended such certificate issue by hallmarking centre itself and not by respective jewellers by their own just like delivers with all their products.

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