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Multilayer Pearl Mala Set with Matching Jhumkas

Multilayer pearl mala set with matching jhumka
This imitation multilayer pearl mala set with matching jhumkas is from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. Priced at Rs 3550/-. This gorgeous neck piece would suit both traditional and modern outfits. Seller Details: Website : http://www.chaahatfashionjewellery.com/ Contact : 098854 78009 Photo Credit : Chaahat Fashion Jewellery

9 Stunning Imitation Beaded Kundan Long Necklace Sets Available!!!

Beaded Kundan imitation necklace sets
Nine beaded imitation kundan necklace sets from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. Extremely gorgeous designs studded with precious pearls, kundan stones and colorful beads. Check the price and seller details below. Price of Red Beaded Necklace - Rs3850/- | Price of Black Beaded Set - Rs3850/-| Price of white necklace set - Rs3950/-   Price of 1st Set : Rs1500/- | 2nd Set -...

American Diamond Pearl Necklace set

American Diamond Pearl Necklace set
American Diamond and pearl studded necklace set from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. Big south sea pearls attached to emerald and american diamonds studded pendant. The set has matching earrings. Price : Rs3950/-. For further inquiry contact Chaahat Fashion Jewellery 098854 78009

Pearl Mala with American Diamonds

American Diamond Nekclace with pearl mala
Peral Mala Necklace from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. There layers of pearls are attached to gorgeous American diamonds studded pendant. The necklace has mathing earrings studded with ADs. Price Rs:9650/- For Further inquiry, contact Chaahat Fashion Jewellery 098854 78009

Double layer pearl choker necklace

Double layer pearl choker necklace
Multiple layer of gold beaded chains stringed between two layer of big bold pearls. This double layer pearl choker necklace set design will compliment both traditional and modern outfits. Photo Credit : Web

Gold Pearl Necklace from PNG Jewellers

Gold pearl necklace for women
Stunning gold pearl necklace for women from PNG Jewellers. Three rows of fine pearls stringed to a antique finish temple pendant. Photo Credit : Web

Multilayer pearl necklace with price

This is a multilayer pearl Onyx necklace from Orne Jewels. Multiple layer of pearls string and onyx beads are attached together to make this elegant necklace. It is available at the price of Rs 4200/- Photo Credit : Orne Jewels

Pearl Mala Necklace

Pearl Mala necklace
Gorgeous pearl mala necklace. The necklace has a floral motif attached to ruby beads. On the other end of motif multilayer tiny pearl chains are stringed together. Photo Credit : Web

Imitation Jewellery – Ruby, emerald,pearl studded necklace

Imitation Jewellery Ruby Emerald Pearl Necklace
This is a imitation jewellery necklace from pranati jewellers. The necklace has rubies, emeralds and peals studded to it. The necklace is coated with one gram gold making it look like real gold jewellery. This product is priced approximately 3300rs/-. Photo Credit: Pranati Jewellers Looking for more necklace design, check our collections.

Pearl Jewellery : Bead Necklace

Pearl Jewellery : Bead Necklace
The necklace has huge golden tibetian beads attached to the multiple layers of pearls stringed chain.

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