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Imitation Ruby Bangle Design

Ruby Imitation Bangle designs
Imitation ruby bangle from Adk appachi jewels. The bangle has two layers studded with rubies and interconnected with tear shaped motifs. For inquiries please contact 9480646561.

Imitation Pearl Bangle

Imitation Pearl Bangle
Imitation pearl bangle with lakshmi image in the centre and embellished with semi precious ruby and emerald stones. For inquiries please contact 9976137885.

Imitation Spring Kada Bangle

Imitation spring kada bangle design
Stylish imitation spring kada bangle from Magha stores. For inquiries please contact 9000265678.

Imitation AD Bangles Design

Imitation AD Bangles designs
Fancy imitation american diamonds (AD) studded bangles. For inquiries please contact Magha store,9000265678.

Artificial Ruby Bangles

Artificial Imitation Ruby Bangles
Artificial gold like bangles studded with oval shaped semi precious rubies. For inquiries please contact Magha store, 9000265678.

Latest Imitation CZ Stone Bangle Designs

Latest imitation CZ stone bangle designs
Latest imitation CZ stone bangles designs from RS Desings. For inquires contact 9940157478.

1 Gram Gold Pearl Kada Bangle

1 gram gold pearl kada bangle
1 Gram gold pearl kada bangle from '1 gram jewellery. This is priced at Rs1200/-. For more details contact 9845476270.

Imitation Zircon Bangles

Imitation Zircon Bangles Latest design
Imitation Zircon bangles from Adk.Appachi jewels. Bangles are available in same colored stones and multicolored stones. For inquiry contact 9342530561.

One Gram Gold Bangles

One Gram Gold Bangles
One gram gold bangles from Rashi gems and jewelry. The bangle has extensive designs highlighted with enamel work. Looks almost like an gold jewellery. If you are interested in buying this, contact Rashi gems and jewelry for further inquiry.

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