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70 Grams Gold Vadanam with Emerald

70 Grams Gold Emerald Vadanam
Stunning 70 grams gold Vadanam design from Premrej Shantilal Jain Jewellers. The base of the vadanam has floral motifs embossed and the center is embellished with white stones and emerald. For inquires please contact 097000 09000.

Latest Model Gold Ottiyanam

Latest gold ottiyanam designs
Stunning latest model gold ottiyanam (Vaddanam) made of peacock and floral motifs and embellished with precious white and ruby stones. Golden and pearl balls are dangled at the end. For inquiries please contact Manchukonda's Shyam Zaveri Jewellers, 0891 2562792, 6690999.

22k Gold Stone Ottiyanam (Vaddanam)

22k gold stone ottiyanam
22k gold stone bridal ottiyanam (aka vaddanam) from Manchukonda's Shyam Zaveri Jewellers. For inquiries please contact  0891 2562792.

Gold Stone Ottiyanam (Vaddanam)

Gold stone ottiyanam design
Gold stone ottiyanam with peacock and lakshmi motifs at the center. For inquiries please contact Manchukonda's Shyam Zaveri jewellers, 0891 2562792.

22K Gold Ruby Bridal Ottiyanam

22k gold ruby vaddanam ottiyanam
22K gold vaddanam (ottiyanam) embellished with rubies,emeralds and polki stones. For inquiries please contact NAJ jewellery, +91-861- 2331123.

220 Grams Gold Waistbelt

22k Gold Waist belt latest model with weight
200grams gold waist belt latest model adorned with peacock motifs, rubies, pearls and south sea pearls. For inquiries, please contact Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers, 919700009000, 9951000005.

Latest Gold Ottiyanam Model

22k gold ottiyanam latest model
22K gold ottiyanam (aka Vadanam) latest design from Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers.The Ottiyanam has goddess Lakshmi image embossed on the center with peacock facing on either sides. For inquiries, please contact 919700009000, 9951000005.

22K Gold Baby Vaddanam

22kl gold baby vaddanam with emearlds and south sea pearls
22K gold baby vaddanam studded with rubies and embellished with south sea pearls at the end. For inquiries, contact Premraj Shantilal jain Jewellers, 919700009000, 9951000005.

180 Grams Gold Bridal Waist Belt

180 Grams Gold Waist Belt Designs
Stunning 22k Gold bridal waist belt design. The Vaddanam has peacock pattern crafted in the base with the center motifs studded with rubies and white stones. For inquiry contact, Premraj Shantilal Jain Jewellers, 919700009000, 9951000005.

Latest Model Peacock Vaddanam

Peacock Polki Vaddanam latest model 2015
  Latest model Vadanam from Premraj shantilal jain jewellers. The vadanam is crafted with peacock motifs and embellished with precious rubies, emeralds and white stones. For inquiry contact¬†919700009000, 9951000005.

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