Papilior – Most Popular Diamond Ring Designs 2019

History, Culture and Couture of Diamond Rings

The tale:

There are quite a few legends associated with this Stone we know, love and call Diamonds. Diamonds have a magnificent history with stories to tell about their advent, discovery and appreciation through centuries.

Diamonds have a long history, longer are the appreciation it gained leading to becoming one of the most valuable assets and expensive form of jewellery.

The brilliance, strength and the ability to refract light is what got diamonds its initial popularity before it entered the jewellery industry and saw a commercialization aspect.

Diamonds, stones formed from carbon got their name from a Greek word which loosely translates to beinginsurmountable.

Diamonds are spellbinding in them for as it is and when for the first time it was mounted and presented at a ring the jewellery industry however modest at the time saw a wave of change that revolutionized the ring jewellery especially on weddings and engagements forever.

The facts:

Usually set on 14kt and 18kt Gold, creating novel designs for a steller looking piece of diamond jewellery is no easy task, in fact, setting the stone on gold requires skilled craftsmanship and experienced artisans which is why the pure form of gold is so soft in 22kt that it becomes difficult to hold the Diamond in it.

The Initial stardom that diamond rings received was their association with becoming an engagement ring, how the face of the industry changes as this stone high in demand and limited in supply made it way to the hearts of women and men everywhere though it’s brilliance, quite literally.

Diamond rings usually have higher making charges that range from 650/-gram to 1000/gram due to the amount of gold loss in production and the skilled artisans in place to make these brilliant pieces of jewellery.

What brings together the exquisite Diamond rings is the mount (or setting) this is what helps hold the stone in place and exude its natural charming self.

There are different settings used in the making of Diamond rings like Prong (one of the most popular kind), Bezel, Pave (extremely popular with larger stones especially engagement rings), Channel and Cathedral.

Today the pristine work you see comes from the history, innovation and technology in jewellery, now there are microscopes used to set tiny diamond stones perfectly on rings. Diamond rings can be found in various popular designs and settings, the Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight sets them apart is as always flexible for the buyer to choose from.

Whether you choose the Princess, Round, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart or the Cushion you can practically get any design custom made with your choice of cut.

The couture:

Engagement diamond rings are trendsetters that have gotten the attention of almost everyone. More often than not engagement rings have solitaires mounted on them, these are bigger in size and have a classier appeal.

Lately stack rings, which are true to their name and is the style of pairing more than one rings stacked in order and flaunt. Usually,the trend of stackable rings can be brought forth by pairing them in fusion diamond studded rose, yellow and white gold bands, the contemporary fashion that diamond rings bring into the jewellery world is unmatched.

Today the Diamond ring plays multiple roles in an individual life, one of the most valued possession (both monetarily and sentimentally) diamond engagement rings are made to order as well bought off the rack.

The women of today have left no stone unturned which is why Diamond rings have a very versatile personality, various different designs and collections make this valuable trinket an everyday accessory.

Now let’s check out some popular diamond rings of this season!

Twin Rings:

The visual effect of the ring looking bigger in size set on thing gold bands comes from twin (two) motifs mounted on top, this exquisite design speaks for itself in all its beauty and is a form of casual everyday rings.

twin ring csr772
Seller Name : Papilior

 3 Stone Diamond Ring:

A subtle design that can be spotted on hands of many brides to be are the 3 stone diamond ring, with a fairly bigger stone in the centre and two complimenting smaller stones on each side this has a very alluring look and looks equally fascinating with any cut from Pear, heart to Marquise and Cushion.

3 stone diamond ring csr644
Seller Name : Papilior

Cocktail Rings:

Accessories have always been a part of any partywear attire, Cocktail rings particularly occupy a large section of the jewellery market, the sophistication this stone brings in its entirety can be captured in graceful designs with larger (in size) stones mounted on them.

Generally known to be statement jewellery you can find a prominently big diamond to flaunt when you shop for cocktail rings.

cocktail ring csr102
Seller Name : Papilior

Band Rings:

The versatility of diamond rings as is remarkable, and band rings take them to a whole new level.

Their simplicity and cost-effectiveness make them ideal as casual wear. Diamond studded band rings are more often than not a big part of the wedding band selection.

band diamond ring csr102
Seller Name : Papilior

Couple Diamond Rings:

Engagements and Weddings are the biggest seasons that sees custom couple diamond ring, their value is unmatched not just because of pricing but because of the significance to the bride and groom.

Couple diamond rings are usually similar (matching) designs for both the Man and the Woman exchanged in the vow of Love during an Engagement or Wedding.

Couple diamond rin cscrg55cscrl55
Seller Name : Papilior

Cluster Diamond Ring:

This particular design has the ability to marvel with every single piece, a group of diamond clustered together to form innumerable designs on gold is an artisan paradise. The options are endless when looking at Cluster diamond rings which are why many women own more than just one.

Good to go with formal wear,casual wear and party wear this is a safe haven of diamond jewellery and one of the trendiest as well.

The two-tone option in cluster diamond allows a combination of rose/yellow or white/yellow gold which enhances the overall look.

cluster diamond ring csr444
Seller Name : Papilior

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