Costume jewellery becomes women’s favorite choice!!!

Gone are the days when Indian women decked up with layers of gold jewelleries. Now the trend is changing. Though fine jewelleries never lost its grip, less expensive costume jewelleries becomes women’s favorite choice now.

Before we peek in to the world of costume jewelleries, let me clear the difference between fine jewellery and costume jewellery first. Fine Jewellery is jewellery made of precious metals and gems (Gold, silver, platinum, diamond), while Costume jewellery is made of less expensive metals, and in most cases coated with a thin layer of precious metals to make the look very similar to fine jewelleries.

Costume Jewellery don’t represent the modern fashion jewelleries alone though many assume it so!!! Any jewellery made of less expensive metals is a perfect example for Costume jewellery. Many of the designs displayed under imitation jewellery section here are Costume jewelleries.

Now if you want to indulge in the world of costume jewelleries, our advice is to please do so. There are some great designers in India who produce top notch costume jewelleries and one of our favorite is Valliyan !!! The brand was founded by Nitya Arora and they have some mesmerizing collections with them. Check out the gorgeous models below and see how the jewelleries they carry make the difference in their outlook!!!

Models with ravishing costume jewellery

vallian designer jewellery costume jewellery indian vintage costume jewellery designer jewellery Designer costume jewellery costume jewellery india


More pictures on costume jewelleries coming soon. Keep watching our site!!!

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