Actress Manesha in a latest photo shoot

Actress Manesha, in her latest photo has worn some pretty jewellery. Check them out.

Actress Manesha jewellery in latest photo shoot
Actress Manesha in latest photo shoot

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Actress Rekha in Sytle center launch

In the style center launch, actress Rekha wore a fashionable jhumka and huge glass red bangles to match her plain red saree.  While nothing extraordinary about the jhumka, the bangles are nice and matched the saree perfectly. What do you say?


Actress Rekha in style center launch.

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Syamala At Ramleela Audio launch

Syamal wore a pearl set in the recently held Ramaleela Audio launch. While as the individual piece, the jewelleries stood out, it all look less appealing in the overall look. And the heavy makeup further reduced the impact of the accessories she wore. Not the right choice of Jewelleries with such muted color attire and heavy makeup.

Syamala Jewellery at Ramleela Audio launch
Syamala Jewellery at Ramleela Audio launch

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Celebrity Jewelleries at Gama Awards 2015

Here are some of the celebrity Jewelleries we spotted in Tollywood Gama muscial Awards 2015 recently held in Dubai.


Gama-Awards-2015-Celebrity-Jewelleries Gama-Tollywood-Music-Awards-2015-Indian -Jewellery_4 Gama-Tollywood-Music-Awards-2015-Jewellery Gama-Tollywood-Music-Awards-2015-South-Indian-Jewellery

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Tanishq Bridal Jewellery Collections

Tanishq Jewellery photoshoot:

In the recent Tanishq Jewellery photoshoot, Amy Jackson was decked up with various South Indian Bridal Jewelleries. This pretty international model looks so elegant in each of the bridal costumes and jewelleries. No one would believe she is not of Indian origin.

Tanishq-jewellery Tanishq-Amy-Jackson-bridal-jewellery-collections-1 Tanishq-Amy-Jackson-bridal-jewellery-collections-3 Tanishq-Amy-Jackson-bridal-jewellery-collections-4

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South Indian Bridal Jewellery Inspirations

Here is a South Indian bride wearing multilayer gold Jewelleries. She has mixed layers of gold Manago mala and Kasu mala. Not to mention the highlighting Polki Vaddanam and a nice matching jhumka. Though there was so much of gold layers there, it doesn't look like an overdoes of jewelleries. Indeed beautiful.

South Indian Bridal Jewelleries

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