Double Layer Pearl Chain with Floral Pendant

Multi layer pearl chain with AD studded floral pendant


Double layer pearl chain with floral pendant and matching floral earrings. This imitation jewellery is from Magha store. For inquiry drop an email to

Multilayer Pearl Mala Set with Matching Jhumkas

Multilayer pearl mala set with matching jhumkaThis imitation multilayer pearl mala set with matching jhumkas is from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. Priced at Rs 3550/-. This gorgeous neck piece would suit both traditional and modern outfits.

Seller Details:

Website :
Contact : 098854 78009

Photo Credit : Chaahat Fashion Jewellery

Hand Crafted Antique Spike Necklace Set

Hand Crafted antique tribal necklace set Hand Crafted antique tribal necklace set Hand Crafted antique tribal necklace set

Hand crafted antique tribal necklace set from Nnazaquat jewellers. These are imitation spike necklace with a matt finish. Price varies roughly from Rs 3700-3800.  For inquiries please contact

Nnazaquat jewellers | Whatsup : 084119 82001 |

Yellow Gold Pendant from Karpagam Jewellers

Fashionable Yellow Gold Pendant with Enamel Work

Stunning yellow gold pendant from Karpagam Jewellers. Fashionable pendant with intricate design and embellished with enamel work.

Photo Credit : Karpagam Jewellers

9 Stunning Imitation Beaded Kundan Long Necklace Sets Available!!!

Nine beaded imitation kundan necklace sets from Chaahat Fashion Jewellery. Extremely gorgeous designs studded with precious pearls, kundan stones and colorful beads. Check the price and seller details below.

Beaded Kundan imitation necklace sets

Price of Red Beaded Necklace - Rs3850/- | Price of Black Beaded Set - Rs3850/-| Price of white necklace set - Rs3950/-


Beaded Kundan imitation necklace sets

Price of 1st Set : Rs1500/- | 2nd Set - Rs2150/- | 3rd Set - Rs3000/-


Beaded Kundan imitation necklace sets

Price of 1st Set:  Rs3200/- | 2nd Set : 3950 | 3rd Set : 2950

Seller Details :

Chaahat Fashion Jewellery

Contact No : 098854 78009 | Website :

Glass Beaded Necklace

Green glass pendant necklace Blud glass pendant necklace Red glass pendant necklaceDesigner glass beaded necklace from Rashi gems and jewellery. Available in Red,Green and Blue colors. For other details contact

Photo Credit :Rashi gems and Jewellery

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