Fashionable Gold Hand Cuff

Gold Hand Cuff Design

Fashionable gold handcuff studded with colorful stones and embossed with floral designs. For inquiries please contact Pal D'zigns Jewellery , 09810288386 , or email them at

Celebrity peep : In Diamond Jewelleries

Sonam Kapoor in the recently held Femina beauty awards 2015, wore a sparkling set of diamond jewelleries. Take a look. Do you think she looks lovely ? I do!!!

Sonam Kapoor in Diamond Jewelleries
Sonam Kapoor in Diamond Jewelleries

Photo Credit : CineJosh

Fashionable Stone Earrings

Designer Stone Earrings from prertoFashionable costume jewellery stone earrings from Prerto. For inquiries please contact +91 9833117218.

22K Gold Emerald Bracelet

22k gold emerald bracelet

22K gold emerald designer bracelet from Nidhi's designer jewellery. For inquiries please contact

Gold Statement Necklace with Rose Cut Beads

Gold Statement Necklace with Rose cut beads

Designer gold statment necklace with rose cut beads and crushed leaf pattern from NAJ jewellery. For inquiry, drop an email to

Kajal Agarwal wearing Valliyan Earrings

Kajal Agarwal wearing a beautiful Valliyan Earrings to match her neon pink saree in the recently held TSR Grandson Rajeev's wedding reception.

Kajal Agarwal Jewellery in TSR Grandson Rajeev's wedding

Photo Credit:

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